1.  Contact details

There are times when we will need to contact you, including on the day if your child is absent and you haven’t informed the school as to why.

  • Do we have your most up to date contact details?  If not, please contact the school on 55 651382 so we can update our records.
  • We need parent/carers name, address, phone numbers, email address and emergency contact details.
  • Please remember to contact the school if any of these details or your circumstances change.

2.  Notify the school of your child’s absence via SkoolBag App

Please remember to log your child’s absence on SkoolBag early in the morning if your child is going to be away or late for school so your child’s absence can be recorded correctly with an explanation.


3.  Same-day notification of unexplained student absences

Our school will text/call you as soon as practicable on the day if a student is not at school and you haven’t notified the school as to why.


If you are notified by the school that your child is away without a reason, please

  • Log your child’s absence’s reasons on SkoolBag
  • Or contact us, by email/phone as soon as possible
  • Please remember it is your responsibility to contact us to provide a reason as to why your child is absent from school, and where possible, please inform us in advance of upcoming absences


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