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The Right Choice

  1. Choosing a school for your child is important
  2. Matching your child’s needs to what the school has to offer is important
  3. Taking the time to make the right choice is important
  4. Foundation students need to turn 5 years old by 30th of April in their first year of Primary School.

Parent Expectations

  1. Students are expected to be enrolled at a school by Friday 22nd July
  2. Parents are required to contact the school via
    Phone: 55651 382 or E-mail: allansford.ps@education.vic.gov.au
  3. Parents will receive further advice in relation to transition dates

Enrolment Procedures


Enrolment is processed at ADPS during a personal interview with parent/s and Business Manager.


Information is entered directly into the school database and a copy printed for the parent to check and sign.


Enrolment Requirements

  • Original Birth Certificate
  • Immunisation Certificate
  • Medicare Card
  • Parent Contacts
  • Emergency Contacts
  • Medical Details

Enrolment Form

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