Beginning school is an exciting life transition for children and their families.  It is a time of fantastic adjustment that can be both stimulating and exciting.  There will be new roles, relationships, interactions, identities and expectations.


Each child’s preparation and starting points will be different.  Every child is an individual with their own needs.  The Teachers at Allansford & District Primary School take this into consideration when planning educational programs for their students. 


If this is your first child starting school it will be with great expectations and excitement.  Your role as your child’s ‘first teacher’ will not end.  We encourage parents to continue to be an integral part of their child’s education by supporting educational programs and be a part of a team together with teachers to strive for achievement.


In Term 1, 2023 we aim to accommodate the social and emotional, as well as, the academic needs of all children and work closely with families to achieve the best possible outcomes.


We are doing a number of things to support effective transitions for all our new Foundations (Preps), including:

  • Facebook ‘Enrolment Video -Leadership Virtual School Tour
  • Facebook ‘Being a Foundation at Allansford and District Primary School’
  • 2024 Information Booklet
  • Kindergarten and Prep Teacher Communication
  • Organisation of Big Buddies for 2024

We look forward to working in partnership with you to ensure all students make a positive start to school.

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