Bandari Project

Our Junior School Council, consisting of our Year 5 students, initiated the selling of Zooper Doopers, each Wednesday during Term One.
The funds have allowed us to sponsor a student at the Bandari School in Mto wa Mbu, Tanzania.

The school has been set up by the Bandari Project, which is a local organisation supporting the community of Mto wa Mbu.
We would like to share some information about Isaya, the student we are sponsoring.
Isaya is a 6 year old boy from Losirwa, where he lives with his mother and three siblings. They have recently been given a new home for free, having been previously homeless, which is virtually unfurnished apart from a single mattress. Isaya’s mother works as a helper in a kitchen, earning $1.26 AUD a day. Isaya has a disability, which greatly impacts his ability to walk, so much so that he is unable to walk long distances unassisted. He has recently had surgery on his foot in an attempt to help this. He likes reading, writing, playing and also drawing pictures.
With the money that goes towards Isaya’s sponsorship we have already made a meaningful contribution, buying him a set of crutches, which enables him to get around unsupported whilst he recovers from his surgery. Isaya and his mother were extremely happy and thankful to receive the crutches.
We are so pleased that we, as a school community, are able to make a significant and meaningful contribution to Isaya and his family. We know that this will have a positive impact on their lives going into the future.

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