An important feature of Allansford & District Primary School is the well -established and successful transition programs.  One of our priorities is that all children new to Allansford feel happy and secure as quickly as possible.  This is achieved through explicit programs and a nurturing and caring staff. 

    *Students enrolling at our school as part of a Foundation intake will be required to provide proof of age (indicating that they have turned 5 years of age by the 30th April of that year) and an immunisation certificate.

    *All enrolments will require the completion of the DET’s ‘Confidential Student Information Enrolment Form’, preferably through an interview process with Business Manager, with details entered immediately on CASES.

    *Students wishing to enrol at our school from a neighbouring school will be able to do so on the condition that the principal of the previous school is in agreement with the transfer, or if there has been a change of address that places the student closer to our school than the previous school, or if the student seeking enrolment is from a non-government school. 

    Please use the following guides for further information:

    1. Transition to School-Kindergarten to Foundation
    2. Transition – New students enrolling throughout the year
    3. Transition between grades at end of each year
    4. Transition from Year 6-Year 7 (secondary School