Principal's Page

  • Welcome to Allansford & District Primary School for the 2018 school year. We have 19 new Foundation students commencing school this year. We welcome all students and extended families into our school community.

    Our school is built on the following 4 values:

    Be Safe

    Be Respectful

    Be Responsible

    Be a Learner

    Our school catch cry – “Allansford Kids are Friendly Kids” provides the foundation of what our school represents and the basis for positive relationships.

    We seek support from our parents and consider the education of our students as a partnership. We strongly believe that when we enrol the student we enrol the family.

    We offer a strong literacy and numeracy program that is supported by our inquiry learning. 

    Our specialists in 2018 are: Music, ICT & Visual Art.

    We have a strong and supportive School Council that is complimented by three sub-committees: Finance & Environment, Parents Sub-Committee and Building our School Community. Parents have the opportunity to support student learning and help build a culture of learning by contributing to these committees or by simply helping in the classroom and at special school based events.

    I am indeed thrilled to be Principal of Allansford & District Primary School and look forward to working with the school community to make our school a positive learning environment.

    If you have any enquiries about our school, or you wish to become more actively involved, please contact the school on 03 55651382.

    Wes Allen

    Principal-Allansford and District Primary School