*A structured approach to build happy, positive relationships with our upcoming Foundation children starts at the beginning of each year and involves a series of interactions with the school, both for the individual child and their parents.

    *Discussions occur between Allansford’s teachers and staff from other settings throughout the year.

    These include:

    *In term two the school will outline activities and school tour dates for Education Week & Enrolment Week in a school brochure and poster in prominent locations in the Allansford community and in determined Warrnambool locations and will be highlighted on our school website.

    *Individual tours offered to all incoming parents and children

    *Kindergarten children are invited to come along to our school and participate in a variety of classroom activities, meet future classmates, get to know the teachers and familiarize themselves with the school environment.

    *Outline opportunities to support the school through being parent helper or a member of one of our committees.

     *A ‘Teddy Bear Picnic’ afternoon early Term 2 at which the current Foundation students and the prospective Foundation students  take part in craft activities, singing and listening to teddy stories with their families.

    *Our Foundation children have well matched Grade 6 buddies to help them to happily settle into school life

    *Their Grade 5 & 6 buddies also plan and implement literacy and numeracy activities to do with their buddies in allocated sessions throughout the year with a focus on ‘Reading Buddies’, inquiry learning and ICT

    *A comprehensive handbook on how to ensure a smooth transition is provided for all families

    *State-Wide Orientation Day

    *Students attend school for Orientation Day from 9.00- 3.30 pm

    First Day of School

    What to Do

    • Please dress your child in school uniform for their first day of school.
    • Your child will be issued with a Sun Smart hat.
    • Please pack play lunch and lunch for your child. (Brain food allowed in the classroom)
    • Please do not pack too much as they will not eat it all and may be upset if they can’t finish what you have given them.
    • Students are encouraged to have a bottle of water to drink on their table in the classroom.
    • Students will need a smock for art and a hat for PE.
    • Please bring your child to their classroom.
    • Help your child unpack their school bag and place their bag in the spot with their name on it.
    • Your anxiety will transfer to your child so try to be positive and decisive.

    *Foundation parents (PREP) are encouraged to remain in the Multi-Purpose Room after assembly and are most welcome to have a cup of tea in the Staffroom with other parents.

    • Experience tells us that a crying child stops soon after the parent has left and they have attached themselves to another adult.
    • We will have other adults available to help the class teacher under these circumstances.
    • Make your way to the staff room in the main building where other Foundation parents will be.
    • You can have a chat and a cup of tea with other parents who may also be feeling the same as you.
    • Your child’s buddy will come to their room and assist them at recess and lunch time.