Victoria Police

Our Year 3 - Year 6 students actively engaged with members of the Victoria Police, during their visit on Monday. 👮‍♀️ 👮‍♂️

John and Brooke discussed simple strategies that students could use to help keep themselves, friends and family members cyber safe.
They shared the “CYBER” acronym relating to online safety;
C – Communicate; tell a trusted adult when something is not right
Y – You; it is your Cyber world, do not let it control you
B – Balance; have balance in your life: sleep, exercise, good nutrition, other hobbies
E – Education; keep your Cyber knowledge up to date, see link below
R – Respect; if you do not respect others online, you are really not respecting yourself
R – Reputation; your online activity can become what people think of you
R – Resume; your online activity leaves a digital footprint that can be seen by anyone
The esafety commission has some amazing information for every age group (adults included), we encourage everyone to have a look with their young person.

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