Grade One Sleepover

…can you keep a secret? 🤔 Our Grade One students and their teachers were a little sneaky on Friday night…they said goodbye to Mr Allen after school and to his knowledge they would all go home and have a quiet Friday night! 👋 …but they didn’t! All of our Grade One students came back to school at 5pm.

They had an evening full of fun activities, pizza, ice creams, fruit platters, a movie and popcorn. They even snuck into the Staffroom for hot chocolates and choc chip cookies! Shhh don’t tell Mr Allen! 🍕🍦🍉🍏🍿☕️🍪 Following that they jumped into their beds and slept the night at school. In the morning, they had yummy cereal and toast for breakfast before having a play on the playground. Their parents picked them up at 8:30am. There was lots of fun and lots of laughter. Mr Allen will never know they were there…🤫

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